I take divorce cases of all complexity levels, starting with uncontested dissolutions through cases aggravated with domestic violence, child custody or property disputes. Come see me for a consultation to know what your options are.

Prenuptial (premarital) agreement – commonly known as a ‘pre-nup’, this agreement may help you to know what to expect from the marriage and, potentially, the divorce. In certain cases, a prenuptial agreement can help avoid a costly divorce.

Post-marital agreement – Parties can opt out of the community property law – did you know that? That can be achieved through a separate (post marital) agreement. Certain requirements must be met for such agreement to withstand judicial scrutiny – come see me for more details.

Separation Contracts – Sometimes the parties desire to separate or achieve settlement via a private agreement, which later may be incorporated into a decree of dissolution. Such agreements are comprehensive and include all aspects of your marriage.

Divorce, Separation, Annulment – Thinking of a divorce or separation and want to know where you stand, or what the difference is? Or were you served with divorce papers from your spouse? I can help you present your case and in the best possible light to achieve the best possible result.

Child Custody and Child Support – Do you have children and would like to know what the child support payment obligation would be? I can answer your questions during an in-person consultation. If you have a custody dispute with your spouse, I can help you work our a viable parenting plan for your children.

Spousal Maintenance & Attorney’s Fees – Spousal maintenance may be ordered or negotiated depending on the length of the marriage, parties financial situation, education and work experience.