Do you have an estate plan? Just a will? Or maybe nothing at all?

We put togetherĀ a few reasons why a will may be insufficient, and why your family should consider estate planning:

  • Your Families Peace of Mind – Avoiding Probate
    1. With estate planning, there is no length court action. Probate means months and sometimes years in court – a Living Trust does not require court supervision, and involves a smooth transition from you as trustee to a successor trustee of your choosing.
    2. No Excessive Court and Attorney’s Fees – With probate, your family will expend additional time & expense in the legal system, in a time of distress. Eliminate this concern by establishing your estate plan now.
    3. No judicial supervision – Probate means the judge publicly supervises distribution of your estate. Everything you do while probating the estate will also become public record. A Living Trust will ensure you get control over your asset distribution in complete privacy.
  • Effectively Manage your Property during life and after death through a Revocable Living Trust. You can do it on your own, or appoint a trustee, co-trustee and successor trustee. You choose the trustee’s powers.
  • Avoid potential injustice after death with the surviving spouse mishandling your assets, resulting in your children’s disinheritance.
  • In the event of incapacity, be in control and have the power to appoint your trustees, agents and guardians of your own choosing. You have the power to create the healthcare directive you wish.
  • Plan in the event of a special needs beneficiary (e.g. minors, disabled or addicted children or relatives).